Le Sénéquier Saint-Tropez

Step into the timeless elegance of Sénéquier Saint-Tropez, a culinary icon nestled along the picturesque quay of Saint-Tropez. Since its inception, Sénéquier has been synonymous with refined gastronomy, offering a unique blend of French culinary tradition and Riviera charm.



    Yachting Accessibility

    Quintessential French Riviera Experience

    Iconic Quayside Setting

    Traditional French Patisserie

    Riviera Gastronomy with a Modern Twist

    Signature Rosé and Champagne

    Chic and Inviting Ambiance

    Live Entertainment and Events

    Exceptional Service with Riviera Hospitality

    Private Dining and Events

    Reservations for a Saint-Tropez Tradition



    Why Le Sénéquier in Saint-Tropez ?


    • Quintessential French Riviera Experience: Sénéquier Saint-Tropez provides a quintessential French Riviera experience, where the charm of the Mediterranean meets the sophistication of French cuisine. Located on the iconic quay, the restaurant is a symbol of the region's culinary heritage and a must-visit for those seeking an authentic taste of Saint-Tropez.
    • Iconic Quayside Setting: Enjoy the iconic quayside setting at Sénéquier Saint-Tropez, where vibrant colors and the rhythmic energy of Saint-Tropez come to life. With outdoor seating that spills onto the quay, guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the lively atmosphere while savoring exquisite culinary creations.
    • Traditional French Patisserie: Indulge in the artistry of traditional French patisserie at Sénéquier Saint-Tropez. Renowned for its mouthwatering selection of pastries, desserts, and baked goods, the restaurant invites patrons to experience the allure of freshly baked treats that have become a hallmark of Sénéquier's culinary excellence.
    • Riviera Gastronomy with a Modern Twist: Savor Riviera gastronomy with a modern twist as Sénéquier's menu pays homage to classic French dishes infused with contemporary flair. From seafood delicacies to Provençal specialties, each dish is a masterpiece crafted to satisfy the most discerning palates.
    • Signature Rosé and Champagne: Raise a toast with Sénéquier's signature rosé and champagne, adding a touch of effervescence to your dining experience. The restaurant's curated selection of wines and spirits complements the menu, ensuring that every moment is accompanied by the finest libations.
    • Chic and Inviting Ambiance: Immerse yourself in a chic and inviting ambiance at Sénéquier Saint-Tropez, where the decor blends nautical elements with timeless sophistication. Whether seated indoors amidst the historic charm or outdoors on the quayside terrace, the ambiance enhances the overall enjoyment of your culinary journey.
    • Live Entertainment and Events: Experience live entertainment and special events at Sénéquier Saint-Tropez, where the restaurant comes alive with music and festivities. From lively evenings to celebratory occasions, Sénéquier adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your dining experience.
    • Exceptional Service with Riviera Hospitality: Sénéquier Saint-Tropez is renowned for its exceptional service and Riviera hospitality. The staff's attention to detail ensures that every guest feels welcomed and pampered, creating an atmosphere where service is as much a part of the experience as the culinary delights.
    • Private Dining and Events: For those seeking an exclusive experience, Sénéquier Saint-Tropez offers private dining and event spaces. Host your special occasions against the backdrop of the quay, creating memories that are as unforgettable as the setting itself.
    • Reservations for a Saint-Tropez Tradition: While Sénéquier Saint-Tropez embraces the charm of spontaneity, reservations are recommended for those looking to secure a coveted spot in this Saint-Tropez tradition. Ensure your place at the quayside and relish in the culinary legacy that is Sénéquier Saint-Tropez.

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