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This Azimut yacht list is not exhaustive. For a yacht charter experience tailored to your desires, contact your broker now.

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Choose MSC Yachting, a certified yacht broker recognized by The Worldwide Yachting Association (MYBA). With this certification, you can trust us to navigate the complexities of yacht transactions with precision and professionalism.

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This elite portfolio ensures genuine yacht offerings worldwide at fixed rates, providing limitless possibilities for tailor-made experiences. Your extraordinary yachting journey begins with us.

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As a proud member of ECPY, MSC Yachting remains at the forefront of fiscal and legal matters within the yachting industry. We stay current with industry standards, enabling us to provide you with many contract options and a seamless and hassle-free yachting experience.

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Embark on an enchanting Azimut yacht charter with our exclusive Azimut week charter options at MSC Yachting. Whether you yearn for a mesmerizing exploration of the French Riviera, a leisurely sail in Corsica or Sardinia, or an odyssey to the captivating shores of the Caribbean, our thoughtfully selected Azimut fleet awaits. Our Azimut yacht week charters promise unparalleled experiences. Delight in the captivating seascape with your loved ones, while our dedicated Azimut yacht crew ensures each moment of your week charter is an extraordinary escape. 

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Crafting your yacht charter

Our goal is tailoring your unforgettable yachting experiences. From booking exclusive beach clubs, restaurants or hotels to crafting the perfect itinerary for you, we ensure every detail is perfected throughout your yachting adventure.

Your Yacht Charter Supplies Tailored - MSC Yachting

Tailored yacht charter supplies

Elevate your yacht charter with MSC Yachting's personalized provisioning service. We take care of it, ensuring that your yacht is stocked with your preferred supplies. Just inform us and we deal with the rest for you to enjoy a seamless and indulgent journey, where every detail is tailored to your desires.

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Select MSC Yachting for a distinguished embarkation experience. Our professional team is dedicated to ensuring your arrival is smooth and tailored to your preferences, setting the stage for an impeccable yachting adventure.

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24/7 yacht charter assistance

Rely on MSC Yachting for 24/7 assistance. Whether day or night, a simple call connects you to instant, efficient support every time. No delays, no hassles. Simply swift and reliable service to enhance your yachting experience

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Our goal is to make your yacht charter journey worry-fee. MSC yachting is a MYBA certified yacht broker with exclusive access to Yachtfolio, ensuring a global array of yacht charter options. Benefit from 24/7 expert assistance, fixed transparent rates, and a range of personalized services. Embark on a tailored yacht charter with MSC Yachting.

Experience Unrivaled Azimut Yacht Charter

Embark on board a Azimut yacht from the French Riviera or Anywhere on an unforgettable yacht charter adventure with MSC Yachting, your premier choice for Azimut yacht charter. Cruise along Saint-Tropez, Cannes or Monaco and the enchanting coves of the French Riviera. Drop anchor in iconic worldwide locations and let your private Azimut yacht bring you to the shores of any beaches on earth. 

Embark on a high-end Azimut yacht charter starting from the iconic shores of Cannes and concluding in the glamorous destination of Saint-Tropez. Let your Azimut yacht charter become the gateway to the unparalleled beauty of the Mediterranean.

Embark on a personalized global Azimut yacht charter, setting sail from prestigious ports around the world. Your Azimut yacht is a key to unlocking diverse landscapes and uncovering hidden gems worldwide. Start your tailored Azimut yacht charter experience now.

Explore Yacht Charter with our Large Collection of Yachts

Explore our curated collection of luxury Yachts, Superyachts and Megayachts, tailored to offer you the epitome of excellence worldwide. Our fleet caters to your every preference, whether you seek a spacious yacht for group gatherings, or an adventure-packed exploration of your dream destination with your favorite toys.

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Embark on the epitome of luxury with Azimut yachts. Planning a yacht charter on board a Azimut yacht ? Look no further than MSC Yachting. Our expert Brokers, based in the French Riviera, ensure a seamless experience from embarkment to disembarkment. Contact us now for personalized advice, and let MSC Yachting be your gateway to an unparalleled yachting experience on board a Azimut yacht. Chartering a Azimut yacht through MSC Yachting is an unmatched yacht charter experience. For those craving an exhilarating adventure, Azimut yachts deliver top-tier performance with exceptional speed, agility, and impeccable handling. Contact us now to turn your yachting dreams into reality.