Yachts for Day Charter in Antibes

This Antibes yacht list is not exhaustive. For a custom yacht charter experience tailored to your desires, contact your broker.

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Fjord Yachts - Based in Cannes

FJORD 40 - 13M

Charter from 2,900€


Vandutch Yachts - Based in Cannes


Charter from 3,000€


Fjord Yachts - Based in Saint-Tropez

FJORD 41 XL - 13M

Charter from 3,200€


Pardo Yachts - Based in Saint-Tropez

PARDO 43 - 13M

Charter from 3,600€


Dehler Yachts - Based in Cannes

DEHLER 47 - 14M

Charter from 2,000€


Pardo Yachts - Based in Cannes

PARDO 50 - 16M

Charter from 5,000€


Ferretti Yachts - Based in Saint-Tropez


Ferretti 720 - 22M

Charter from 6,875€ + VAT


Sunseeker Yachts - Based in Saint-Tropez


Sunseeker 75 - 23M

Charter from 6,300€ + VAT


Ferretti Yachts - Based in Cannes


Ferretti 880 - 27M

Charter from 10,000€ + VAT


Leopard Yachts - Based in Cannes


 Leopard 27 - 27M

Charter from 6,800€ + VAT


Canados Yachts - Based in Cannes


Canados - 27M

Charter from 6,580€ + VAT


Peri Yachts - Based in Cannes


Peri 29 - 28M

Charter from 9,000€ + VAT


Ferretti Yachts - Based in Antibes


Ferretti - 28M

Charter from 13,333€ + VAT


Mangusta Yachts - Based in Cannes


Mangusta 92 - 28M

Charter from 8,333€ + VAT


Canados Yachts - Based in Cannes


Canados - 29M

Charter from 14,100€ + VAT


Versilcraft Yachts - Based in Cannes

MISS CANDY - 36 guests

Versilcraft - 30M

Charter from 6,000€ + VAT


Riva Yachts - Based in Cannes


Riva - 30M

Charter from 20,000€ + VAT


Tecnomarine Yachts - Based in Cannes

FAITH - 36 Guests

Tecnomarine - 31M

Charter from 8,333€ + VAT


Falcon Yachts - Based in Cannes


Falcon - 31M

Charter from 7,500€ + VAT


Mangusta Yachts - Based in Cannes


Mangusta 108 - 33M

Charter from 10,400€ + VAT


Leopard Yachts - Based in Golfe Juan


Leopard 34 - 34M

Charter from 14,000€ + VAT


Baglietto Yachts - Based in Cannes


Baglietto - 34M

Charter from 17,000€ + VAT


Sanlorenzo Yachts - Based in Antibes


Sanlorenzo - 34M

Charter from 24,160€ + VAT


Sanlorenzo Yachts - Based in Cannes


Sanlorenzo - 36M

Charter from 25,833€ + VAT


Gulf Craft Yachts - Based in Cannes


Gulf Craft - 37M

Charter from 37,500€ + VAT


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Embark on an opulent yacht charter journey from Monaco. Set sail from the illustrious shores of Monaco, the premier starting point for your exclusive yacht expedition.

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